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IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE- KNOW YOUR PEOPLE understanding the audience and adopting the tactics is an essential staring point. Who are people that interact with your brand online, who is likely to engage, what they would like to see. All these are fundamental questions that you need to answer before implementing your social media strategy.

NAVIGATE THE BRAND ACROSS YOUR OBJECTIVES looking back on your business objectives together with your marketing objective. What do you want to achieve? More clients (acquisition) or engaging if you have already established social median fans/followers.Or perhaps you want to increase the brand awareness?

STYLE IT- MAKE YOUR BRAND OUTSTANDING AND UNIQUE how to achieve your goals imagine the endpoint and you will know where to begin. Plan your content in the fun and styled way, too much “PUSH” tactics does not bring a value to your company or blog.

TALK- HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS the best business account found to be one that replies to the customers and having conversations on

ANALYZE- LEARN FROM DATA Instagram platform offers to the business  to have a shop, where you can tag prices it allows you to view your follower profiles, which can be very essential to plan your next tactics.



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